What We Do

At OPS, we provide several types of psychological services including consultation, psychological assessment and therapy services

Services are defined by each individual's needs and strengths. 

Areas of Practice:  Psycho-educational testing, psycho-diagnostic testing, learning disability, developmental delays, substance abuse, PTSD,  trauma/grief counselling, depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, generalized anxiety & worry, stress management, anger management, relaxation, relationship problems, couples issues, parenting, spiritual/religion, adoption, incest survivors, chronic illness, pain management, rehabilitation, eating disorders, daily living skills, social skills, ADHD and Autism. 

Services are offered in both French and English to children, adolescents, families, adults and seniors

Therapy Approaches used are evidence-based, including:  Cognitive/Behavioral, Systemic/Strategic, Existential, Humanistic, Play, Mindfulness, Solution Focused, Developmental Attachment, Strength Based CBT, Applied Behavior Analysis as well as Music Therapy.